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About Neptune Enterprise Packaging

Neptune Enterprise Packages is a division of Neptune Enterprise Consultant Limited.

 We are a Toronto, Canada based broker, an entrepreneurial spirit that represents a major world, wide packaging producers, and flour silo systems.

Mission Statement

Our willingness to go the extra mile will go a long way to making your job easier and your packages outstanding we know the importance to have a reliable supplier with outstanding quality products that allow the production to run smooth, efficiency, successful and the most important be a partner with the customer Zero waste in manufacturing from initiating a pelletizing program to reuse all production scrap that we generate. By focusing on sustainability in all facets of our process, we are able to lower cost, decrease waste, and lower our overall carbon footprint. Continuous focus on these types of initiatives has kept us at the front end of innovation.



              A bag solution for every product.

Whether it is a pouch filled with snacks, a loaf of bread, or tortilla pack stock, we have the perfect bag to fill your packaging needs.

Completing orders and shipping are the primary objectives of Neptune Enterprise Packages.

Poly Bags

A plastic bag is used to package several things, but especially to fulfill your packaging needs, if it’s a stack of tortillas or a loaf of bread, we Customized the bags to Your Exact Specifications FDA grade for food compliance.


Roll Stock

Roll stock is one of our most popular products especially popular in the food industry but customers from other industries also frequently use it for a wide range of applications offers tons of flexibility and works well in a variety of applications Meat, Poultry, Bakery, Snacks, Dry Food & Frozen Food.


Silo System

Bulk Material handle is to provide quality, cost effective ingredient automation solutions to businesses operating in the Food and Baking industry



Compostable & Recycle Plastic for packing bake items, fruit and vegetables


Sustainable Commitment

 The world is moving towards Eco-friendly practices, and Compost-A-Bag is at the forefront of this movement. This can be seen in every product we offer to our clients. Gone are those days of using conventional plastic bags which eventually clogged our waterways and destroyed the environment. Now, with the coming of Compost-A-Bag or plant base plastics, every product we churn out is made with state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology.


Dedicated to Quality

Our facilities are industry-leading compliant with internationally recognized ISO–9001:2008, ISO–22000:2005, HACCP certified. FSSC–22000:2010 Global Food safety standards, annually audited by the independent worldwide company to assist us in continually evolving our quality systems and processes. All products manufactured are traceable via lot coding on each individual case or roll. Active Drug Master files listed with the USA Food & Drug Administration

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